Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Smile...Most worthy facial!!

How worth a smile is? Have you ever thought of it..? Are you keeping a smile while meeting and talking with people..?
A smile has great value as it brings the sweetness of mind. It disarms everything which stands against it. Most of my friends, I remember, had a smile at first sight. Even if it’s not happened at first sight still there is a chance. I remember how I got a good friend by a smile.

I saw him every day while waiting for the bus. Though we both traveled by the same bus it didn’t happen to have a smile each other. On occasions when we were alone in the waiting place, it seemed that a high-power tension had been prevailed in between us. The sharp and uncomfortable looks and the deep silence that surrounded us made me to feel us as two living beings from different planets.

Days went with the same mood and rhythm. I was thinking of a way to lighten the situation. And suddenly it happened. I smiled to him, and in response, he too. We chatted lightly and started to exchange more healthy smiles in the days after. And now he makes most of my days!!
How worth was that smile... And now, I cannot remember it without a smile.. !

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