Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Blog Chemistry !

I remember I had created a number of blogs during last few years. And that's the only remebrance about it as I have forgotten the contents and ways to access it. This was the context to think about a discussion on "the usefullness of blogs" in one of the forums in recent past.

How can one judge "how usefull a web log to him" ?? Would it be possible only by browsing through each of such posts ?? Well I don't have any clarity on it. It's true that each blog will have something to offer. However how to cope up these with the time-work tally ??

The headings and titles of most of the blogs are fancifull. A judgement by titles may mislead then. And truly, bloggers and readers have to master faster judgement and reading tricks.

Well, you must have judged me by now.. !!

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