Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wishes from a Non-Valentine..!

This is the day I kept for you,
Through the winds and rains of my life!
This is the flower I kept for you,
With the fragrance and taste of love..!

I can see the sea of love in your eyes,
I can hear the untold words in your lips..!
Your love touch me with thousand hands,
Like the love of clouds raining to the heart of earth..!

Your smile makes my days brighten,
Like a flower blossoms all through the seasons..!
It radiates the sparkles of love,
Through the mist and dust of my life..!

The stories of those, who sacrifice their life,
To the cause of love last till the end of the world..!
And those love lives till the end of time;
As you took me in your wings of love to eternity !

Can you hear the stars singing the songs of love?
Like a folklore sung by an anonymous singer..,
Oh my love! Let us hear the songs of love,
And share our life with the raining of time..!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Going Ahead !!

They are standing still... very still,
Like a tree without breeze in leaves
Like a river without the flow of water
They are standing in deadly calm and peace.

This is not the calmness we strived for
Not the pace and peace we were looking for
Through the struggles of freedom fight
But this is the situation prevails here

People see multi storied glass palaces
Popping of billion and trillion dollar stories
We are feeding those stories,
Which made their route to the heart of wealth !

We know people who top the list of wealth
And those with wealth who lives without a top…
No one knows those lives in moral health
No one thinks of those lives without a roof !

Those who saw the race and battle
Thought to get in to the field
They start their dreams by their life
Dreaming for a better dream and life!!

The start up’s were gauged by the biggies
And then swallowed in to their stomach
By keeping them alive working for
Better appetite and digestion... !

No paradoxes in contradictions,
Nothing to loose in victories
No surprise for the wind being still,
And No worries for the rest being null ..!!

Friday, September 29, 2006

When Your Sister gets Married !!

Yesterday was my sister’s marriage,
With all the blessings from the heaven,
With all the graces of the elders,
And with all the wonders of nature...!

It was raining all along the day,
And it was tears all through her cheeks.
The happy smiles of siblings glittered
Through the rain to the flashes...!!

Home, the place where she heard the lullaby of love,
The cradle where we played and lived together for years…!
It was in a festive mood and was decorated in each inch,
With flowers, smiles and camera flashes..!!

She wept when we left her at his home,
She stood drenching herself in tears,
Though they were known each other for so long.
Though they loved each other since long back..!!

Moments, where joy and grief make a mix,
Times where smiles and tears come together..!
A treasure of feeling to the dears and nears
And the epitome of pleasure for the weds...!!

Tears find it’s way again through her cheeks
Standing near to a flowering tree,
Her eyes followed us till the vehicle turns away,
And the road looks long and as complex as life..!!

Back at home, we again start to live,
The siblings are away and the home is alone with us.
And now we miss her in every inch of life,
As we see the stranded home and courtyard..!!

How fast the time reinstates disorders to order,
And how quickly a home without her settled in minds..!!
But the home and the flowering plants still wait,
To see her smile and to feel her love!!!

Perhaps they too might be knowing,
That she is blessed with a marriage of her choice,
And she would be in full smiles ,
When she comes to meet us...!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

One more Onam !!

One more Onam…! Again the time to cherish..!

I am not the one to blame our time or the change it has brought in our life. Life changes. We are living on technology that affects every bit of our life. Technology leads our days. We are connected to people around the globe wire- free.

Families have become as tiny as ‘Atom families’. The mix and match of lives within a family has become an old story, which we may narrate to the coming generations like this- “Once upon a time there was a family with 8 members living very happily...”

What is the root cause of this change?

As a single entity, an IT guy is worried about the Information Explosion. How can he find out those data which are so precious to him in relevance? No solutions, but there are some strategies.

One can classify and store them separate. It can be detached from the whole to limit his attention specifically on those relevant items. Because this is what he needs to stay on. Here his attention reduces from vast to tiny. Molecule to atom.

The same must have happened in our family concepts too. At least for the nostalgic village concepts. Population explosion is the herculean threat that has been perplexing the society since unknown times. Recovery from poverty and ignorance, a great achievement of the society, again tempts to set its way right back to the wheel. People started looking for new ways for a living, and many themselves transplanted to the so called ‘metros’.

This may be the beginning of ‘Atom families’. And now, these tiny family planets start revolving around MNC’s. People prefer jobs not on merit but on packages. And the ready made ‘package system’ becomes a best practice in all walks of life.

People prefer packages, if it’s for a trip to a tourist place or an offer to a trillion valued MNC. People analyze more practically to make decisions than ever before. We know very well, we are going to be ousted, if we lag a moment.

Then, here is the counter question.." What’s not right in dedicating our time and life to earn a living in this aggressively competitive world?"

What happened to the deep rooted traditional nostalgia...Then?? Onam of childhood, plucking flowers, creating wonders; master arts with nature by making Pookalam..??

We can create multi storied commercial establishments and flats. But how we go about, to have a go back to flowers and simple pleasures.

People say only memories left here precious to count...!!

No flowers with a dew of nature, No moments with calmness and serenity...! Everything is noisy...Onam comes out from minds. Media remind us...”Hey Onam comes. These are the programmes...”

We wish happy Onam, enjoy, cheer up....! But don’t you feel the stiffness and drowsiness of these words?? It's like shampooed hair of a girl; Does it look nice than the black oily hair with "thulasippo...?”

But here is the controversy, or more likely a true fact. This is the way life goes in our time. And it’s true that all our wishes are true and pure. Just like a girl shampoo her hair with all the spirit of feminity.

Still people ask... "Are the roses in pots looking good than the "Chemparathees" in our backyard?” No. never! But does it mean the roses are not worth and pure..??

In our time too, we celebrate Onam with all spirits..!!

We don’t have those ‘Onappokkal’ on our courtyards. But we do have those flowers in our mind as fresh as ever before.

Wish you all a very Happy Onam..!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

How if Zidane enters the Dictionary !

There are very many words adapted to English from different languages and cultures. Many of them were very popular and relevant in a particular culture and got adapted to English Dictionaries based on the high volume of usage among the public.

And there are words, which have done great business globally to find a place to the elite dictionaries. “Google” is the most recent addition to this. Searching has almost become synonymous to googling and vice versa. People tend to google for each and every bit of information, though there is plenty of subject specific information retrievers exist. Truly they are more accurate and specific than the jungle of results google creates, but unfortunately not so popular even to information specialists and librarians.

Well, I am not intended to tutor about searching and its relevance.
Xerox, Cola, coke, zipper...the list of such business and market related trade marks in English dictionaries goes long.

Khaki, pajamas, guru, pundit, curry, yoga…there are quiet a big number of terms and usages have been adapted to English from Indian languages.

Words like ‘copra’ (The dried white flesh of the coconut from which coconut oil is extracted.), ‘coir’ (The fiber obtained from the husk of a coconut, used chiefly in making rope and matting) etc are examples of words borrowed from Malayalam language to English.

I was wondering about the possibility of adding another wonderful term to this list. The copyright holder, here is a person ‘Zinedine Zidane’ and the term is ‘zidane’.

I noticed a piece of news in “The Times of India’ which reads ‘Irish Jockey does a Zidane’. The news was about an Irish jockey who was caught on camera butting his horse. He is facing a ban now for that mistake.

The popularity, the zidane-materazi incident gained was amazing. It was so popular since Zidane who made (did) it. He was the real football magician in our decade and the whole world was awaken for his reign over the trophy.

Well, if it could manage so long in the public memory, what would be the out come years after?? Perhaps an entry for ‘Zidane’ to dictionaries and a tiny news column in some news papers
‘Two zidaned to hospital !”

Monday, June 05, 2006

One Year for the Departure !!

It was a day in June. Was it raining? I don’t remember now. I was busy for the whole day. We had to write an article on etd@IISc. etd@IISc was our project at NCSI and it was almost delayed to send an article to an International conference to be held at Australia. It had been decided on the last day that we have to write the draft and he will be reviewing it a day later. Ironically in that meeting he told us “Perhaps we can ask our Chairman to review the article, as he is a well-versed expert to review up to the standard”. For a moment I kept wondering in my mind “ eminent writer like you are saying this?? Actually what’s the need for it if you can review the same ...?”

Meeting was over and it was our task now to prepare a draft of the article. I didn’t have any clarity in putting up the things. And the article remained unfinished though the clock on the wall at NCSI moved a long way in late night.

I planned to get up early and finish the article so that he can review it in the morning hours. It was one of the bad nights for me. I closed my eyes only to face it’s resistance to embrace the state we call “Sleeping”. I believe I must have slept, at last, expecting the alarm ring to awake me. But instead my phone rang loudly only to hear a cursed news; only to feel a deadly shock: “He is no more in this world”
TBR was no more when I started writing the article for his review..!
It had happened in last day evening itself.

Gracefully I thank my friends helping me to be stable in those hours. We were consoling each other. But it was beyond all our strength and belief. And we understood all are same in his love and influence. All were equally sad and all were equally affected.

I remember that evening. We sat on the cement bench in front of the vast ground at IISc. There were noise and arguments among the hockey and cricket players. I looked at the trees which border the ground. It seemed like dark thick forest. And every evening we sat there after spending the most cursed hours in NCSI. We didn’t play cricket for several weeks. And it was raining that followed the days after.

Ram, KK, Joby...all got separated now. Staying miles away. And Dr TBR too, is away..; far away from us. But the inspiration continue still. His voice and smile is alive in my mind.

And it’s now exactly one year for our pains!! A year old now TBR in our memories!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Falling of a Tree !

A tree falls !!
It brings down the branches,

Throws out the wind from the leaves,
And Stops the lullaby of birds..!

What was the tree for me?
What was it for the members at NCSI?

A tree which gave us shade by standing tall,
And by spreading thousand hands..!

At rainy times she took all the raindrops upon her hand,
And showered again after rain...
Raining the drops from the leaves,
Like the drops of water from a girl’s open hair!!

She was not the one amongst the proud trees,
In the crowded ways at IISc..
The road she stood was not always crowded,
But it had a lot to travel !!

She stood alone looking high at the sky,
And pleased all with her charm and beauty..!

How many times we sat on her shade,
How marvelous was the breeze on her leaves..!

I remember people standing and chatting in her shade,
On busy and crowded seminar days..!

The laugh and talk which made NCSI always noisy,
Don’t know – Had she ever complained??

The rejuvenating relief we got by watching,
the falling rain on her hands and leaves..!

All the times it made my day when I watched,
Her wet and soft face, standing by the window

And at last she saw the tears from our eyes,
When we lost a love of our own...

A face we saw always comes quickly through her shade,
Smiling and wishing all of us like a blessing from heaven..!

And it’s strange that she didn’t cry or complain this time too,
Who knows what she whispered in those times!!

But how silently she goes, Before the leaves turn brown,
And before the arrival of monsoon..!

She falls with no pains like a mother for her children,
And she goes from the scene to the unseen,
By keeping a fragrant breeze in our mind..,
And a sweet song of love in our hearts!!!