Thursday, April 20, 2006

It’s raining here..!

How splendid the feeling!! This is the moments I expect to happen all the time, and this's the time I rejoice at the best. The thick and cold clouds sow the seeds of feelings to the earth and to the hearts... Sky embraces the earth with thousand hands. What an affair. Love that matters a lot. The rhythm of showering offers Beethoven’s symphonies. Sometimes it’s like … Like a folklore sung by an anonymous singer. It flows from far away distances and ... flows to the minds by wetting the bored days. Evoking the taste of life and songs of love.

Rain gives birth to greeneries. Grass and flowers stay crowned the artistically crafted drops of water. Sun again brightens it with the sparkles of love. Wonder, how a rain plant the seeds of memories in our mind? Memories of Child-hood.., School days...Wet leaves of trees and sighs of wind,..The stories grandma told on a rainy day,... Love...departure...!! Faces we lost in the raining of time...Teared pages of life...!! Memories take a rebirth here..!

And at last eyes start raining along with the whispers of raining trees. Tears of sparkling colours. And sure, at rainy times, there is someone smiling… staying high on the clouds... Dropping tears of joy and love.

Really it’s a heavenly feeling!!

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