Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Falling of a Tree !

A tree falls !!
It brings down the branches,

Throws out the wind from the leaves,
And Stops the lullaby of birds..!

What was the tree for me?
What was it for the members at NCSI?

A tree which gave us shade by standing tall,
And by spreading thousand hands..!

At rainy times she took all the raindrops upon her hand,
And showered again after rain...
Raining the drops from the leaves,
Like the drops of water from a girl’s open hair!!

She was not the one amongst the proud trees,
In the crowded ways at IISc..
The road she stood was not always crowded,
But it had a lot to travel !!

She stood alone looking high at the sky,
And pleased all with her charm and beauty..!

How many times we sat on her shade,
How marvelous was the breeze on her leaves..!

I remember people standing and chatting in her shade,
On busy and crowded seminar days..!

The laugh and talk which made NCSI always noisy,
Don’t know – Had she ever complained??

The rejuvenating relief we got by watching,
the falling rain on her hands and leaves..!

All the times it made my day when I watched,
Her wet and soft face, standing by the window

And at last she saw the tears from our eyes,
When we lost a love of our own...

A face we saw always comes quickly through her shade,
Smiling and wishing all of us like a blessing from heaven..!

And it’s strange that she didn’t cry or complain this time too,
Who knows what she whispered in those times!!

But how silently she goes, Before the leaves turn brown,
And before the arrival of monsoon..!

She falls with no pains like a mother for her children,
And she goes from the scene to the unseen,
By keeping a fragrant breeze in our mind..,
And a sweet song of love in our hearts!!!