Thursday, April 27, 2006

Commit Mistakes..n..dare to change !

The very thought of a change is inspiring. However sometimes it’s true to have anxieties and difficulties in coping up with the new challenges and scenarios. It’s always difficult to go out from the comfotrt level that one enjoys until the last moment. Quite often we would not remember the struggles faced in the early stages of our current job which we consider now as the most wonderful one ever dealt with. The fear of committing mistakes is the most important factor which refrains one from daring deeds and experiments.

We limit the world within the boundaries where our eyes reach. Stripe the opportunities with the narrow direction of our vision. The most important failure of common man is the 'fear of mistakes'. Which bars him from adventures and new ventures. We often forget the basics. How many times you made mistakes while learning addition and subtraction? Did you stop all your mathematics by reasoning the failure caused in that effort? The most beautiful and rightful skill is the “ability to commit, admit and correct mistakes”. The courage to commit and correct mistakes. Mistakes and its subsequent correction only make ape man.

The burning I suffered on my forefinger in my childhood while taking an “appam” from the skillet is one of my lessons with fire. That mistake taught me a lesson. I remember I did enjoy it with pain. And that made me knowledgeable to identify fire and the ways to take the same “appam” in more effective and safe manner. A small mistake has done the trick. It advocates wisdom. It offers opportunities to change the attitude and pave a path of knowledge. Mistakes carry a lesson to learn.

I feel that the most important gaining mistakes give in is the clarity of knowledge. Assume two persons did a work, one person committed a mistake and the other one did it without a mistake. And suppose the two are giving tips to their disciples to do the same job. And now the pupils are repeating the job that their guides have done. Here I am not sure whether the first disciple commit a mistake or not, but I am blank sure that the second disciple never do the same mistake that his guide committed.

A mistake equips us with practical knowledge to not repeat the mistake again, and it helps in offering effective knowledge management among others. This is the way the process of “changing” also works !


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