Monday, April 10, 2006

Harsh Time !!

Few days before on my way back home I saw an old lady standing in a shop. She had an attractive face radiating all the virtues of a profound woman. It was sure that she was from a very wealthy family. She carried all the healthy looks to justify my assumption. Neatly wore white sari and the pleasant smile gave her a divine appearance. She was speaking very loyally to the shopkeeper and the maid who accompanied her also appeared well and equally pleasant.

I remember another woman of my childhood. She was from a very high and rich family. There were many who got a living on her mercy. She helped people with high spirit and passion. I was thinking how such virtues prevail in their character? How can they follow and practice the highest values of life?

The circumstances where their life has been evolved would have played a major role here. They have had a life closely related to people. All along they should have seen the life and feelings of others... life of the lower players in the society. And they must have realized the extra-beauty of wealth when it beautifies the life of poorest. I can see plenty of such Grand Ma’s still in the society.

I was wondering how to relate them with modern era? Women and men at IT time. They have a life related to products not with people. They are always in touch with profit oriented people and vision. All their thoughts are on outputs and the ways to climb the perfectly designed ladders of profession. They are immensely rich. They are driven by the value of dollars. And they spent that too. But that’s only for buying latest gadgets and shares!! In fact, there is no time for them for any other thoughts. That’s the specialty of new life-time.

I have seen many people who are never bothered to offer even a penny to beggars. And many who argue and bargain very strongly to gain one or two rupees from the street sellers. I wonder how the same people can spend thousands of rupees to arrange cock-tail parties. The reason is simple. The parties and celebrations are for their own benefit and pleasure, and to achieve their own aims. While the single rupee’s is for others. That too will benefit them only a time’s food at the best.

Some incidents make us feel ashamed. An year before it was on a pleasant evening I spent hours with friends in one of the pubs at Bangalore. And in the final hours of that night,.. a night before the dawn of New Year, we wished all the poorest who were sitting in the street. The street was thickly crowded with people and with their rapturous celebration to embrace the coming year.
The new day’s newspaper brought a tiny news in my attention. The news of farmers who did suicide since they couldn’t give back the borrowed money of Rs: 2000!! For a moment I thought about the heavy bill that we paid for New Year Celebration.

I Wonder how good it would be if we can spend a little time to think about others!!

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