Friday, September 01, 2006

One more Onam !!

One more Onam…! Again the time to cherish..!

I am not the one to blame our time or the change it has brought in our life. Life changes. We are living on technology that affects every bit of our life. Technology leads our days. We are connected to people around the globe wire- free.

Families have become as tiny as ‘Atom families’. The mix and match of lives within a family has become an old story, which we may narrate to the coming generations like this- “Once upon a time there was a family with 8 members living very happily...”

What is the root cause of this change?

As a single entity, an IT guy is worried about the Information Explosion. How can he find out those data which are so precious to him in relevance? No solutions, but there are some strategies.

One can classify and store them separate. It can be detached from the whole to limit his attention specifically on those relevant items. Because this is what he needs to stay on. Here his attention reduces from vast to tiny. Molecule to atom.

The same must have happened in our family concepts too. At least for the nostalgic village concepts. Population explosion is the herculean threat that has been perplexing the society since unknown times. Recovery from poverty and ignorance, a great achievement of the society, again tempts to set its way right back to the wheel. People started looking for new ways for a living, and many themselves transplanted to the so called ‘metros’.

This may be the beginning of ‘Atom families’. And now, these tiny family planets start revolving around MNC’s. People prefer jobs not on merit but on packages. And the ready made ‘package system’ becomes a best practice in all walks of life.

People prefer packages, if it’s for a trip to a tourist place or an offer to a trillion valued MNC. People analyze more practically to make decisions than ever before. We know very well, we are going to be ousted, if we lag a moment.

Then, here is the counter question.." What’s not right in dedicating our time and life to earn a living in this aggressively competitive world?"

What happened to the deep rooted traditional nostalgia...Then?? Onam of childhood, plucking flowers, creating wonders; master arts with nature by making Pookalam..??

We can create multi storied commercial establishments and flats. But how we go about, to have a go back to flowers and simple pleasures.

People say only memories left here precious to count...!!

No flowers with a dew of nature, No moments with calmness and serenity...! Everything is noisy...Onam comes out from minds. Media remind us...”Hey Onam comes. These are the programmes...”

We wish happy Onam, enjoy, cheer up....! But don’t you feel the stiffness and drowsiness of these words?? It's like shampooed hair of a girl; Does it look nice than the black oily hair with "thulasippo...?”

But here is the controversy, or more likely a true fact. This is the way life goes in our time. And it’s true that all our wishes are true and pure. Just like a girl shampoo her hair with all the spirit of feminity.

Still people ask... "Are the roses in pots looking good than the "Chemparathees" in our backyard?” No. never! But does it mean the roses are not worth and pure..??

In our time too, we celebrate Onam with all spirits..!!

We don’t have those ‘Onappokkal’ on our courtyards. But we do have those flowers in our mind as fresh as ever before.

Wish you all a very Happy Onam..!!

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