Saturday, February 03, 2007

Going Ahead !!

They are standing still... very still,
Like a tree without breeze in leaves
Like a river without the flow of water
They are standing in deadly calm and peace.

This is not the calmness we strived for
Not the pace and peace we were looking for
Through the struggles of freedom fight
But this is the situation prevails here

People see multi storied glass palaces
Popping of billion and trillion dollar stories
We are feeding those stories,
Which made their route to the heart of wealth !

We know people who top the list of wealth
And those with wealth who lives without a top…
No one knows those lives in moral health
No one thinks of those lives without a roof !

Those who saw the race and battle
Thought to get in to the field
They start their dreams by their life
Dreaming for a better dream and life!!

The start up’s were gauged by the biggies
And then swallowed in to their stomach
By keeping them alive working for
Better appetite and digestion... !

No paradoxes in contradictions,
Nothing to loose in victories
No surprise for the wind being still,
And No worries for the rest being null ..!!

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