Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wishes from a Non-Valentine..!

This is the day I kept for you,
Through the winds and rains of my life!
This is the flower I kept for you,
With the fragrance and taste of love..!

I can see the sea of love in your eyes,
I can hear the untold words in your lips..!
Your love touch me with thousand hands,
Like the love of clouds raining to the heart of earth..!

Your smile makes my days brighten,
Like a flower blossoms all through the seasons..!
It radiates the sparkles of love,
Through the mist and dust of my life..!

The stories of those, who sacrifice their life,
To the cause of love last till the end of the world..!
And those love lives till the end of time;
As you took me in your wings of love to eternity !

Can you hear the stars singing the songs of love?
Like a folklore sung by an anonymous singer..,
Oh my love! Let us hear the songs of love,
And share our life with the raining of time..!


selva said...

Dear Jobish,
Awesome work !!
Carry on....

saju said...

Hi Jobish,

I feel this one is platonic. Keep it up.

Warm Regards,